Banking-as-a-Platform: The FinTech’s Role in a boosting eco-system


What does the global regulatory context look like and why it is actually an enabler for innovation and the evolutions of the banking business model?

What are the implication of the Italian Market?

What are the innovation models that have worked in other markets and how can Italy benefit from the lessons learned elsewhere?

Why is there no quarter for any market from the impact of innovation, the rise of Fintech, and the evolution of the regulation, and why blaming regulation as an execuse for not adapting to the changing business model is no longer an option.

Why Business Models are no longer about product and service?

Business models are about data and the commercialization of the individual’s data. YOUR DATA.

As You become the new business model, your identity authentication becomes the service value, and banks are in a prime position to become that identity service manager


An open discussion between Banks, IT/Tech corporations and Fintech outstanding Reps.

Fintech disruptors are changing how everything works –lending, payments, insurance, credit settlements and more. In response, banks and traditional financial institutions are either partnering with Fintech companies or developing and deploying their own solutions. The role of the Technology Partners become clearly key to an acceleration to the Digital Transformation of all the players involved.

AI, Connected Cloud services, Privacy&Security, advanced Mobile Technologies are just some of the key applications in the new ecosystem.

  • Distruption in payment
  • Digital banking
  • How regtech may help to cope with regulation challenge


Banking-as-a-Platform: The FinTech’s Role in a boosting eco-system