Fintech Smart Village

Fintech Smart Village, 1st October 2019 - NH Milano Congress Centre


Forum Banca for the third year hosts an area entirely dedicated to the presentation, discussion and sharing of the new Fintech startups, which, between innovation and technology, are challenging traditional banking services.

After the success of the last editions, the Fintech Smart Village has established itself as the Business Ecosystem for the Fintech world in which Banks, Startups and Tech Companies present, discuss and share new innovation strategies.

Look at the updated agenda here: Fintech Smart Village

Meet Ghela Boskovich at Forum Banca for the first time in Italy!

Over the last two years we’ve seen the largest jump in FinTech funding in Europe, with growth in excess of 120%. Fintech has changed the financial trading and investing landscape. Traditional investors and early stage adopters can take advantage of new technologies that allow global investment opportunities. What are sustainable and efficient business models available on the landscape?

Fintech Smart Village in an open discussion between Banks, IT/Tech corporations and FinTech outstanding Reps. FinTech disruptors are changing how everything works –lending, payments, insurance, credit settlements, and more. In response, banks and traditional financial institutions are either partnering with FinTech companies or developing and deploying their own solutions. The role of the Technology Partners become clearly key to an acceleration to the Digital Transformation of all the players involved. AI, Connected Cloud services, Privacy&Security, advanced Mobile Technologies are just some of the key applications in the new ecosystem.

Fintech Partner 2019

Look at the updated agenda here: Fintech Smart Village

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If you are a FinTech or a Startup or somewhere in between, our offerings can be designed to achieve your goals.


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